About Go Pro Now Limited

We have over 25 years’ experience of supplying for many international companies and currently we have clients in Malaysia, Hong Kong, USA, Canada, UK, Australia, Hungary. The key to our business is to understand our client’s needs for everything in product capabilities, manufacturers GMP (Good Manufacturing Processes) and product performance, with an added monetary value in choosing us as your partner.

Our history is in FMCG, industrial safety products, HDPE products, high pressure casting, plastic injection molding, tooling die’s, cut and weld components, safety wear and ophthalmic products.

In order to offer our clients the very best in service we also look for allied products that can fit in with thier current customer base and market. We have found this stratagy unlocks more potential for our clients with both existing and new clients. The bonus in own branding is your building your own company profile within the market, not someone elses.


China Office Inspection

Our unique ability to handle product evaluation, shipping, factory inspections and our successful track record dealing with customers such as Tesco PLC makes us an ideal partner. Large companies require stability in the supply chain, consistency in product quality, on time deliveries and continuing product development proposals. Our office situated in Guangdong province is well placed for these services and adds additional value for our customers.

Our staff in Guangzhou will travel to the factory to check each loading and verify the seal of the container. Recording of the batch number and visual inspection of the goods. Also inspection of the container to make sure it is in a clean condition to minimise any hold ups in port by authorities. 

Our own freight people handle the collection and shipping of containers to ports so we guarantee no “Trans Shipping” for best service.