ROAD MODE Reusable Temporary Road Solutions for the Construction IPlane on matsndustry

Our ground mats are perfect for allowing access and gaining traction on construction sites for rubber-tracked type vehicles from cars, vans, JCB, cranes, HGVs up to 120 tons.

They are also ideal for ground protection and pedestrian foot paths over soft or sensitive ground, sand, mud, turf, marshy areas at any event.

Our road mats are a superior alternative to plywood and steel, which will not warp, rot, crack, delaminate or absorb harmful chemicals.

Our products are made of unbreakable HDPE/UHMW (High Density Polyethylene) can be used on many ground types.

  • Construction sites/airport&parking
  • Golf courses/ tree care
  • Utilities and landscaping
  • Access solution for the visually impaired
  • Stadium/wedding/beach access
  • Temporary road for pedestrian/vehicle/wheelchair
  • Marshy/wet/muddy ground conditions