Hollow mats in use


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 We are able to manufacture these to specific lengths as required with a standard width of 2130mm (7ft approx). The desired length of manufacture would be 4mtrs and 5.9mtrs.

This product features a honeycomb inner core that provides a strong yet flexible substrate for the mat with the added advantage of hundreds of air pockets that gives a level of buoyance ideal in very wet conditions. 

Standard thickness at 88mm (3 1/4 inches) including 4mm cleats front and back,

A 190mm overlap flap joins two mats together with a zinc alloy cam locking system that ensures no movement between mats and little or no mud. sand or water comes through to the surface. 

Thickness: 88mm standard thickness available. If you want to change the thickness we can accomadate you but there will be a tooling cost.

Cleat Height : 4mm

Length: 5.9 & 4mtr standards

Weight Loading: Depending on surface but can take up to 120tons with flat load on flat supported surface.

Material: HDPE/UHMW material: "TERRA FIRMA" PE1000 Master batch. 11 times more impact resistance and 4 times more abrasive resistance than PE500 products.

Colour: Black as standard but if you want colours please ask

Joining: Overlap flap joining system with zinc alloy cam lock system inbuilt.

High monthly capacity available. Rubber and steel tracked vehicles can be used.